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  About us

A College that offers industry-based formal postgraduate courses
combined with corporate training

Asia Pacific International College (APIC) is an accredited innovative Australian postgraduate institution. APIC offers professional competency assessment that identifies the specific needs of each individual professional, and offers tailored courses to improve their performance. We also offer project and program health checks to identify opportunities to increase project and corporate performance.

The professional competency assessment system is an integrated diagnostic system that confidentially evaluates an individual’s skill, knowledge, and ability from a 360Ί perspective. Accredited post-graduate university level courses are then mapped to individual needs. Courses may be taken at home or workplace principally through the Internet under mentoring. Intensive knowledge workshops staged at the onset of each course unit strengthen online learning. APIC currently offers the following accredited and open courses based on the Australian Qualifications Framework:

• MBA in Project and Program Management, MBA (PPM)
• Master of Business and Project Management, MBPM
• Postgraduate Diploma in Project Management, GradDipPM
• Postgraduate Certificate in Project Management, GradCertPM
• Executive Diploma in Project and Program Management, ExDipPM
• Certificate of Completion (Per subject - 6 Credit points), CPD
• Intensive Knowledge Workshop (4 days long)
• Professional Development Planning Workshop,
PDP Workshop

The key benefits of the above program for individual professionals are:

• Systemic goal-based learning and development plans;
• Individual learning & development aligned with employer goals and strategies;
• Online, flexible, customised course load;
• Blended delivery using intensive workshops and project-based online learning at workplace;
• State-of-the-art subject matter including project and program management fundamentals;
• Peer group support, professional knowledge/expertise exchange and experiential learning.

The project health check critically and objectively examines a project to generate a rich picture of the true state of that project. Cost effective solutions are developed to address the performance gaps. The APIC team has already conducted project health check of several major projects with surprising results and currently cooperates with industry on a significant scale.

Emphasis on acquiring leadership skills in all courses and training will appeal to those project managers who wish to progress beyond current professional level in order to be able to set strategic directions and lead complex projects and programs. This is vital today in an environment of uncertainty, complexity and accelerated change. APIC offers students the experience, knowledge and consistency through its highly qualified and motivated staff to achieve those aims. Visit www.apicollege.com and or email admin@apicollege.com to find out how APIC solutions can help you, your staff and your projects.

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North Sydney, NSW 2060

Phone (02) 8920-9688

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